Signs You’re at Risk for an Unhealthy Relationship

Are you wondering if you are wasting your time with the wrong person? Many people in one-sided or unhealthy relationships find themselves attracted to others who are their opposites and/or emotionally unavailable. The following list can help you to more clearly define qualities of a healthy relationship – one that is characterized by admiration and mutual respect.

Here are eight signs that your relationship is emotionally healthy:

You are comfortable being your authentic self. In other words, you feel that you can be yourself and don’t have to walk on eggshells. You feel safe within the relationship and unengaged to specific your thoughts, feelings, and desires openly without fear of rejection.

There’s admiration and mutual respect. You accept, admire, and respect one another for United Nations agency you’re. You avoid blaming each other when you have a disagreement and look for ways to have better communication – listening to each other’s perspective and owning your part in the conflict.

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Your partner is trustworthy. He or she follows through on their promises unless there is something urgent going on. He/she takes you out when they say they’re going to do so. When somebody is inquisitive about you, they’ll keep their agreements and apologize when they’re unable to do so.

Your partner causes you to a priority as a result of he or she values your relationship. This includes regular text messages or phone calls to show that he/she is thinking of you.

Your partner is your cheerleader. He or she listens more than they speak. Your partner asks you questions on your hobbies, friends, and family. He or she makes space for your feelings and doesn’t make you feel badly for being in a bad mood or having a tough day.

Your partner makes plans to do things with you and includes you in his inner circle. If something special is going on in his or her life, they invite you and encourage you to join them.

You feel good about yourself when you’re with your partner. He or she values you and gives you positive reinforcement such as compliments and support. Your partner talks about your future together. If he or she says that they aren’t ready for a commitment, take them seriously – they’re just not that into you. Don’t waste your time on a relationship that doesn’t have a future.

It’s crucial that you begin visualizing yourself in a healthy relationship before you can embark on one. Consider creating a vision board where you post quotes, messages, and photos of the type of person or relationship that you aspire to have. Check it on a daily basis and see if your prospects match up to the sort of one who may be a smart suitable you. You don’t need to accept but you merit.

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In the sea of online content that’s growing every day, you may wonder if starting a blog for your legal firm is even worth it. After all, it’s just a drop in the bucket. But there’s a reason marketers everywhere are obsessed with content marketing. Statistics show that marketers who prioritize blogging are thirteen times as likely to achieve a positive ROI. Publishing content that’s helpful for your target audiences naturally draws them to your brand by boosting SEO, illuminating thought leadership and humanizing your brand.

Blogging for SEO

Every law firm wants great SEO, but only a handful achieve it. Somewhere in that sea of online content, your competitors are fighting for a voice and a spot on the first page of results. Years ago, it was enough to simply include target keywords on your website and call it a day. But in today’s competitive landscape, you have to be producing regular, high-quality content to be a contender in the SEO game. In fact, 72% of marketers agree that relevant content creation is the most effective SEO tactic.

The best way to approach blogging for your law firm is to be as specific as possible. Writing about niche topics that are highly relevant to the types of legal services you offer will help you to start ranking for the right keywords. For example, if your firm specializes in personal injury cases, offering a range of in-depth personal injury content on your blog is key. The more niche topics you cover, the higher your company will start to rank for those subjects. Your firm will start showing up in searches for dog bites, car accident injuries and workers’ comp the more you write about them. Although it takes time to climb search results, with consistent, quality content production, you’ll see the payoff.

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Blogging to Establish Expertise

Expertise is everything in the legal industry. Potential clients want to know that the law firm they choose has extensive experience dealing with cases just like theirs. Although experience is traditionally shown through case history or in-person meetings, your blog can also play a role in this positioning. A well-maintained blog that’s packed with insightful information will establish your firm’s credibility while prospects are still at the very top of the marketing funnel. If you can leave your readers with at least one piece of information that they didn’t know before, it’ll keep your firm on their minds throughout the research process.

Another benefit of establishing expertise through your blog is that the content is innately share-able. If a relative is going through a divorce, are you more likely to send her a link to a divorce attorney website or a link to an article called “How to Cope with Divorce in a Healthy Way?” Our guess is the latter. Whether shared publicly (on social media) or privately (in an email to Aunt Sally), this sharing will increase your reach and illustrate your expertise to a broader audience.

Blogging for a More Humanized Brand

Many think of legal marketing as being dull and impersonal. The professionalism of law firms can be a double-edged sword, leading existing and potential clients to feel disconnected from their legal team. Maintaining a blog can remedy this by fostering a more personal rapport between your brand and potential clients. Information should be presented in bite-sized chunks using an approachable tone (this means ditching the bulky legal jargon).

To further humanize your brand, you may want to have your lawyers contribute to the firm’s blog. Although a legal professional should always review blog content before it’s posted, publishing their original content is an entirely different game. Your lawyers are your firm; giving them a voice on your blog can illuminate their personality, expertise and humanity. All of this will reflect back on your firm, injecting more personality relatability into your brand.

Pro Tip: Encourage your lawyers to share their original blog content on their LinkedIn pages for even more of a credibility boost. 


In today’s digital age, the importance of quality online content cannot be stressed enough. Showing your target audience your level of expertise and drawing them to your website with highly relevant content is the key to inbound marketing. Whether you’re looking to improve your search rankings, showcase your experience or communicate your humanity, a blog can help you to accomplish it all. Start with a content calendar and see where the power of content marketing could take your legal firm.