All About Car Detailing Services

Auto detailing is a repetitive activity of routinely doing processes and operations which maintain the car in its peak possible condition, particularly exterior, as against mechanical. Car details are most often conducted on a daily basis, but could be extended twice or more, depending on how your vehicle is cared for. The time spent on detailing would determine the level of the service provider you hire. A good detailing service provider should be able to detail your car in less than half an hour.

The typical tools used for thorough auto detailing are power sprayers, pressure washers, cleaners, absorbents and mats, polishes, waxes and tires, rotors and tires, wiper and extractors, vacuums, spray guns, and spray foam guns. This could be further subdivided into specialized types such as automotive detailing, paintless auto detailing, upholstery cleaning, full-body auto detailing, etc. These different types of auto detailing require different techniques and tools. Here is a listing of the different types:

Professional Car Detailing: As the name implies, this is the traditional method of car detailing. A person who is certified in professional car detailing cleans your car and then applies leather cleaners, polish and wax. This is a comprehensive clean and will include washing the car interior, exterior trim and wheels. A thorough auto detailing may involve upholstery cleaning and paint removal. After washing, your car detailing expert may use a power cleaner to get rid of residual dirt.

The simplest method of car cleaning is hand washing. It involves running a detergent and water through a soft cloth. Many cars have their seats cleaned with a special cleaner that doesn’t leave residues. Once the cloth is soiled, it’s time for a power washer to remove the grime. For more thorough car detailing, professionals may use cleaners for specific areas.

Power Cleaning: This is the preferred method for heavily soiled areas because it loosens and lifts the dirt and grime on the surface. If you want your car detailing to be thorough, this is the right choice. A powerful cleaner sprays onto the dirty surface, and then works into the fibers of the fabric to lift and loosen dirt and grime. After spraying, a cleaner is used to completely rinse the area, leaving behind minimal residue that can attract more dirt and give a dull appearance to your vehicle.

The next auto detailing step is hand washing. This is a great way to ensure the best results. Your car wash technician will explain the proper washing methods, and you’ll receive guidance on how to use the detailing solutions and the equipment to wash the car properly. Washing can be done by a machine or manually, depending on your preference.